Essay The Role of Non-Profit Organizations in Urban Politics

The Role of Non-Profit Organizations in Urban Politics

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Political Science
This paper reviews the role that non-profit organizations play in urban politics, especially in decision making, urban redevelopment and social service issues.

The following paper examines the history of the relationship between non-profit organizations and urban politics, with reference to a review of the literature provided. In addition, a proposal is made to create a model for responsible development programs through community resident and other oversights to enable goal achievement and minimize/eliminate system abuse.
“Urban communities rely on nonprofit organizations to provide public services, promote community partnerships, and to provide coalitions to solve a variety of problems facing urban areas. The participation of these neighborhood and city-wide association and groups helps in the planning and oversight of many municipal services.Nonprofit organizations play a very important role in urban politics. They are the way in which ordinary citizens can participate in doing charitable work, provide a form of grass-roots democracy by allowing people having similar goals to group together to have a greater voice than any one of them could have alone, and they support urban government and services in many ways the government does not have the manpower or the funds to do on its own.”

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