Essay The Easter Rising

The Easter Rising

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Political Science
A look at the writings of two literary figures: William Butler Yeats and Sean O’ Casey and their views of the Easter Rising in Ireland.

A look at the writings of William Butler Yeats and Sean O?Casey, contemporaries of the Easter Rising leaders in Ireland and literary figures. The author analyzes the two writers perspectives of the event.
?After the rising, nothing in Ireland was ever the same. Easter week became the central point of modern Irish history, and events were dated according to whether they had happened before or after that event,? says Michael Costigan in A History of Modern Ireland (Costigan 333). Two of Ireland’s most significant literary figures, William Butler Yeats and Sean O?Casey who were both contemporaries of the Easter Rising’s leaders, treat the subject differently in their writings both before and after the event, but there is no doubt they were both powerfully affected by it.”

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