Essay Constitutional Balance Of Power

Constitutional Balance Of Power

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Political Science
Examines Framers’ deliberate plan to make radical change difficult & to prevent one branch of federal govt. from accruing too much power.

At different times in our history, critics have found that the supposed balance of power embedded in the U.S. Constitution has shifted from one branch of government to another. At times it has been claimed that we have a Presidential system of government, meaning that the Executive Branch predominates, while at other times it has been said we have a Congressional form of government, with Congress dominating. The Judicial Branch has been accused of trying to legislate at times, but it was developed as the weakest of the three branches of government and has never been said to be predominant as have the other two branches. The degree to which the people can influence their government may depend on which branch is in the ascendancy at a given time. In the long term, we have a three-branch system, for while we might have what is called an Imperial Presidency at one…

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