Essay Evaluating New Clients

Evaluating New Clients

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A study into the way new clients are evaluated in health and fitness studios.

An essay which examines the process by which new clients are evaluated in health and fitness facilities by trained staff and/or personal trainers. It begins by examining the various measurement tools for carrying out client evaluations and then goes on to discuss practical strategies for implementing the results of those evaluations into an overall fitness program for clients.
“In conclusion, evaluations are common in all sectors of the health and fitness industry, including “corporate, commercial, clinical, and community” (Grantham et al. 474). Evaluations are also an on-going phenomena. That is, an initial evaluation will not be the first and last word in how a client’s fitness regime is developed. Certainly, as time goes on, a given client’s level of fitness and corresponding health-related needs will need to be monitored, re-evaluated, and constantly altered, wherever the need arises. A steady health and exercise regime will result in enormous changes to a client’s physical body. With those changes in mind a new set of objectives, or a new dimension to the exercises, can be more easily integrated into the overall program.”