Essay Tobacco Controversies

Tobacco Controversies

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Medical and Health
Analyzes medical, political, social & economic factors of debates over regulation of tobacco as a drug & govt. subsidies for tobacco growers. Table.

Tobacco use, particularly in the form of cigarette smoking, is recognized as a major health risk behavior in the United States (Horrigan, 1995, p. 28). With the exception of the control of cigarette smoking in public places and work areas and generally ineffective efforts to prohibit the access of minors to tobacco products, however, little official effort is made to impose strict controls on the consumption of tobacco in this country. In fact, an official policy of the federal government in the United States encourages the production of tobacco for domestic consumption through a subsidy program for tobacco farmers (Bates, 1995, pp. 195-198). In the late-summer of 1995, however,…

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