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Henry Hill

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Reviews biography of Mafia criminal.

The life of Henry Hill, as told in Nicholas Pileggi’s Wiseguy, is a life in which everything is the reverse of what the rest of the world experiences. What most Americans see as bad, Hill and his Mafia friends saw as good. Even those things where the world would agree with the Mafia were reversed. Hill and his friends placed a heavy emphasis on providing for their families and protecting them in any situation. But they resorted to violence whenever they chose and worked extremely hard at making sure they could get the jump on all the other criminals in fighting for a share in the criminal opportunities that were available. Through all this they developed a belief that theirs was the only way-to-live. There is never any questioning of the way they live and as Hill’s wife, who was not from his world, is gradually pulled into it the reader can see how there is a…

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