Essay Depletion of Marine Fisheries

Depletion of Marine Fisheries

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Environmental Studies
Human & environmental threats to world’s fish population. Examples, impact on fishing industry, technology, regulation.

The world’s ocean fisheries are being depleted. Currently, the world’s major fisheries are sustainable and renewable if conservation measures are begun. The culprits are over-fishing, wasting of fish, and environmental changes. The oceans have a history of recovery from mass extinction. About 235 million years ago, there was a massive fish die off which killed approximately 96 percent of the fish in the sea. 1 The fish at that time were able to repopulate the oceans. There is every reason to believe that the world’s fisheries will recover from their presently reduced biomass if the mortality rate from fishing is reduced.

In 1950, the world’s fishermen caught 20 million metric tons of seafood.2 By 1990, the world’s fishing fleets were catching 84 million metric tons of fish which they brought into port and…

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