Essay Should We Legalize Narcotics?

Should We Legalize Narcotics?

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This papers examines the debate to legalize drugs in our society. (To Learn more click page)

This paper is looks at many of the issues that have sparked the controversy over the discussion to seek reform in the drug laws which would lead to the legalization of narcotics in the United States. Some of the topics discussed include the different categories of drugs and how proposed changes in the laws would affect the use and distribution of these drugs. Several studies dealing with the psychological and physiological affects of many different drugs are examined, and the findings of these studies are used in order to help evaluate the affects of any potential changes in the drug laws. The author’s presentation illustrates the difficulties faced by both sides in this debate and shows us how at this time, it is almost impossible to find any definitive answers that would solve this debate, once and for all.
Many would consider the physically and psychologically harmful effects of narcotics to be reason enough to reject calls for legalization, but critics of reform suggest that society, and individuals, will face more fundamental difficulties in the event of successful legalization. A common belief among opponents is that if marijuana, and other narcotics, become legal, it would probably do so with similar restrictions as those that currently apply to tobacco and alcohol. This would lead to the perception, especially among children, that the use of drugs is normal behavior, in a similar fashion to the way drinking and smoking is presently viewed. Also, as with alcohol and tobacco, many youngsters under the legally required age would purchase and use drugs, with a damaging effect on their physical and psychological development (Evans and Berent, 1992). The concern of many opponents of legalization is that, in a society whose aim should be to reduce rather than promote the use of drugs, whichever substances that become legal will be the first step for many youngsters on a road which could eventually lead to the dark world of cocaine and heroin.

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