Essay Television Violence and Children

Television Violence and Children

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This is a research paper that explores the negative repercussions children experience as a result of viewing television violence.

This paper explores television violence and its effects on children. It addresses how TV manipulates the minds of children, causing them to act in more aggressive and violent manners. The author argues that TV violence distorts children’s minds into believing that violence is a healthy and acceptable way of dealing with problems.
How many parents give a sigh of relief when their child’s favorite program comes onto television (TV)? Probably, a vast majority of today’s parents do because TV allows them to obtain some moments of personal freedom. Marie Winn, author of The Plug-In Drug, proclaims Television keeps children quiet and passive, cuts down on loud and boisterous play, prevents outbursts between brothers and sisters, and eliminates a number of potentially destructive household ‘experiments’ that children might be indulging in?(66). So how could something that is so addictive, to the degree that it settles down even the most robust five-year-old, is dangerous to society? To answer this question there are many statistics, theories and concepts to explore.

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