Essay Language Acquisition by Children

Language Acquisition by Children

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Theories, effectiveness of whole language approach, phonics, connectionist vs. communicative systems, test scores, minority students.

This research reviews literature relevant to the acquisition of language by children. The contemporary rage in the teaching and learning of language is the whole-language approach (Levine, 1994, pp. 38-43). The whole-language approach exposes children to interesting reading and writing at the expense of systematically teaching specific reading and writing skills. Whole-language teachers, for instance, encourage young students to recite along with them as the teachers read aloud from entertaining big-print books. One of the central tenets of the whole-language approach is that language should be learned from whole to part, with word-recognition skills being picked up by the child in the context of actual reading, writing, and immersion in a print-rich classroom (Bates, Bretherton, & Snyder, 1988, pp…

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