Essay Proactive Stress Management in the Investment Banking Industry.

Proactive Stress Management in the Investment Banking Industry.

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The following paper reviews the psychology behind the factors that typically figure significantly into employee stress as a result of organizational change, environmental and economic factors. (Summary Page)

The following inductive research paper discusses , predicts and surveys the impact of the factors that contribute to employee stress. It also offers recommendations of programs or policies to proactively recognize and addresses potential problem areas which may lead to employee stress so that proactive measures can be taken to ensure ongoing and increased productivity. After reviewing the literature the writer concludes that World-class organizations agree that satisfied workers translate into satisfied customers and increased productivity, so they actively concentrate on providing the tools, environment and encouragement necessary to short-circuit the effects of change, encounters with difficult customers or situations that create motivation-killing stress.
“While the profitability of corporations is typically measured in dollars, overall success can be measured in terms of profitability plus the attainment of organizational goals. This success derives from a synergy of inputs, including the work of employees who are dedicated, skilled and knowledgeable, and a management team that understands how to inspire competent and motivated performance through sensitive and responsive management of a continually changing workplace. The cost of socially-responsible management is an investment: the workplace environment directly impacts the motivation and productivity of the workforce. Simply put: happy, secure workers are productive workers.Companies are responsible for creating and maintaining a positive and supportive workplace environment through ethically responsible policies, fair compensation and proactive management. While not quantifiable as a line item, an attitude of responsibility to workers and to the workplace environment has a noticeable effect on the corporate bottom line. According to Alan Reder in his book In Pursuit of Principle and Profit (1994), responsible policies ensure that every quality of a company will emerge over time and greatly increase a company’s chances of long-term success.”

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