Essay Stem Cells – Our Fountain of Youth

Stem Cells – Our Fountain of Youth

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A paper which explores the many aspects of stem cell use, concentrating mainly on the scientific aspects and touching on the moral and ethical problems surrounding the science.

This paper outlines the development of stem cell use from the very beginning to the latest technology. It explains specific cases where the use of stem cells is beneficial to medical problems, and how they are used to cure them. The author also explores the future use of stem cells.
“In a case involving mutations, although not cancerous mutations, a fatality occurred. In 1989, doctors in China transplanted fetal stem cells into the brain of a man. Two years later the man died suddenly. The doctors discovered that the cells had mutated and formed a clump of cartilage, skin, and hair where brain cells should have grown (Gorman, 2000). Before doctors use stem cells regularly, cases such as these must be researched and solutions for these problems must be discovered.”

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