Essay Soong Sisters

Soong Sisters

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Asian Studies
Personal & political portraits of three Chinese sisters & their impact on development of China in Nationalist era.

This research paper is a summary biography of the Soong sisters and an assessment of their influence and importance in the history of modern China. The Soong sisters, Ai-ling (18901974), Ching-ling (1892-1981) and May-ling (1897-), individually and together with their blood relatives and in-laws, played in different ways influential and controversial roles in the affairs of twentieth century China. Their influence was built upon the rising wealth and power of their family headed by their father, Charlie Soong (1866-1918), before and during the rise to power of the Nationalists led by Sun Yat-sen and Chiang Kai-shek. The sisters were carefully groomed to assume those roles. The influence of Ching-ling (Mme. Sun) peaked shortly after the death of Sun yat-sen in 1925, but she remained until her death a symbol…

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