Essay Michelangelo’s Architecture

Michelangelo’s Architecture

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An essay written in letter form commissioning Michelangelo to build a house.

By creatively setting this paper out in letter form written to Michelangelo by an admiring potential customer commissioning him to build a house, the author of the paper examines the great artist’s work and rich and successful career in post-Renaissance Italy.
`Your architectural style is unique in its own way. You have developed a style for others to follow. Each one of your works marks the inventiveness and unique signature style. You are known as the innovator of the 16th century in the architectural arena. You dare to deter from the Renaissance style of work. And have invented a work direction that deviates from the classical design theory. You have become an inspiration for the post-Renaissance architects. You have marked the beginning of the Baroque and the fall of the Renaissance style of work. Your work is the foundation of a new era and new horizon of when a plan has diverse parts, all those parts a true artistic inspirational work. Then also you modestly say that `I am not an architect.` `

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